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Volunteers collect products from aldi

Partner With Us

Whether you are an organisation in need of hygiene items or a company that would like to donate larger quantities to us, we want to hear from you!

Become a...

Community partner receiving products

Our Community partners are organisations that work with those of us that are struggling, and who use the goods they receive from Hygiene Hub to support the people they work with. These can be Schools or other Charities


We partner with schools to promote an understanding of and raise awareness of Hygiene Poverty among students and as our Local Hubs are always in need of hygiene products for our Community Partners, schools can help us by hosting Hygiene Drives or fundraising.

Image by Smartworks Coworking

Your company and staff can be a part of the Hygiene Hub’s story and help us provide hygiene essentials to those who may otherwise go without. You can do this by raising awareness or hosting a Hygiene Drive

We Need Your Support Today!

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