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Help Us Spread Kindness this winter!

Hygiene Hub is calling on supporters to donate gift sets, as well as essential hygiene items to those who need them. We all love to pamper ourselves a bit more during the festive season, but for those struggling to make ends meet, this isn’t possible. We want to spread kindness to those who need a helping hand this year, by providing a gift set to those who may otherwise go without. 

What We Do

At Hygiene Hub, we believe basic hygiene should be a right, not a privilege and yet many are struggling to afford the basics. Our volunteers collect and distribute products to those in need in their local area via our Community Partners - a mix of charities, schools and local organisations. 

Here's how you can help

As an organisation, we are determined to combat hygiene poverty in all areas of society, but we can’t do it alone. There are many ways to spread kindness with us this Christmas. 

Choose a recipient and either donate a gift set for them at one of our 70+ drop off points across the country.

Get together with your friends, colleagues or class to collect hygiene items from our shopping list and make a one-off bulk donation


A great and easy way to support those in your community is to make a financial donation to your local hygiene hub between 1st November - 30th November. This donation allows us to provide an individual or family with all the essential hygiene items they need

Help us provide 5,000 gift sets! 

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