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Hygiene Hub is launching Ireland’s third National Hygiene Week. With 41% of the population cutting back on, or going without hygiene items as a result of their financial situation, it has never been more important to consider what the reality of poverty looks like in 2023 in Ireland. We know that for those struggling to stay afloat, hygiene items are often the first to go. We know that many in Ireland cannot afford the everyday essential hygiene items that most of us take for granted, and yet this issue remains hidden. 


This National Hygiene Week, we want the inability to afford hygiene items to get the recognition it deserves, because we all deserve access to hygiene items to feel clean, confident and healthy. 

What We Do

At Hygiene Hub, we believe basic hygiene should be a right, not a privilege and yet many are struggling to afford the basics. Our volunteers collect and distribute products to those in need in their local area via our Community Partners - a mix of charities, schools and local organisations. 

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What Is Hygiene Poverty

Hygiene Poverty is the inability to afford many of the everyday essential hygiene items that most of us take for granted. It can look like one family sharing a toothbrush, or parents reusing dirty nappies, or being unable to wash clothes, sports kits and uniforms as often as is necessary. 


Hike For Hygiene

The time has come to get your walking boots on! This year we are hosting our fourth annual Hike for Hygiene event. For our annual extravaganza, we ask everyone and everyone to set themselves a challenge local to them, gather their friends and family and fundraise for Hygiene Hub. All proceeds go to Hygiene Hub so we can continue to help those in need across Ireland. 


If you are unable to join us on September 2nd, you can still get involved by donating to one of the fundraisers happening across the country. 

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